It's never too early for Back to School Discounts

July 09, 2018

School is out and summer is open for business! With the sun shining and water glistening, for many students it is time for rest and relaxation. Families and friends flood local beaches and pools to enjoy the sunshine, creating memories that will last lifetimes. However, fall quickly approaches, so don’t fall behind on the newest tech trends for this upcoming school year!

Apple has rolled out the red carpet this year for their 2018 Back to School discounts. These discounts are not just limited to students but are also available to parents, faculty and even teachers (of all grade levels) according to Apple. Apple’s two biggest product discounts are the iPad and Mac (MacBook and iMac) line of products. After the back to school discount, a 2018 iPad starts at just $309. On the other hand, the 13-inch MacBook Air starts at $799 and the 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,149.

Over the past forty years Apple products have helped enhance millions of experiences for students and teachers alike. With Apple’s 2018 back to school deals it looks like these experiences will continue impacting students and teachers for another year.

However, Apple is not the only company that provides cutting edge student technology at a discount. While Apple devices are becoming a necessity in today’s day to day life, a student will always need to find the perfect backpack.

Vulcan Bags, established in 2017, has sold thousands of backpacks around the globe with their game changing idea. Their backpacks’ are not just seen as a backpack but instead a tech arsenal, blending practicality with technology. Vulcan Bags specializes in selling designer quality backpacks with a built in USB Port and multiple pockets, charging and organizing all your Apple products while still providing room for your school supplies.

Vulcan Bags offers three different designs. Their Vulcan Anti-Theft (On Sale for only $79.99), Vulcan Premium (On Sale for only $74.99) and the Vulcan Classic (On Sale for only $49.99). Leave battery anxiety behind! With the Vulcan Bags easy access USB charging port students can take notes, check emails and communicate with study groups all day with ease (subject to power bank capacity and beginning charge).

Practicality is also a breeze with Vulcan Bags, as each bag contains multiple convenient pockets for storing all your tech, textbooks and notebooks. You can even keep any valuable safe with the hidden pocket found on every backpack! Vulcan Bags gives your devices the life they need to get any task done, all the while providing storage for any situation you may be in.

Convenience, practicality and innovation all in one. School is incomplete without a Vulcan Bag. Keep your Apple products fully charged and fashionably stored in a Vulcan Bag of your choice this school year.